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Experience New Mexico With Your Family Like Never Before

Day 1

Arrive at the lodge in the afternoon to be greeted with a signature cocktail and shown to your cozy corner for the week. Spend the time before dinner relaxing on your balcony or exploring the lodge’s rustic beauty and expansive grounds. Orientation dinner is all about meeting your hosts and learning more about the weeks activities and how they connect you to this area of New Mexico. After dinner, grab a blanket and head outside to take advantage of the property’s lack of light pollution for some epic stargazing with a house-made hot chocolate in hand.


Day 2

Wake up to fresh, locally roasted coffee and a homemade breakfast in the lodge dining room which includes BML’s famous handmade granola. After breakfast get ready to meet Romain Begay, local Navajo potter who will teach you how to create a story pot as he shares with you the importance of storytelling in Navajo culture. Your kids will split off with their counselors to make their own pots and head out for games when they’re done. Lunch will be served at the lodge, and can be enjoyed al fresco, or in the dining room before you return your kids to spend time with their counselors and use your free afternoon to hike around the property or enjoy the lodges unique exhibit of local art and books. For dinner you will head over to Corner Kitchen, one of Silver City’s favorite diners for a specially prepared private dinner and a chance to scope some of the local street art.


Day 3

Enjoy another cozy lodge breakfast before sending your kids with their counselors to mural camp for the day. Join them if you wish to learn how to create handmade tiles with the local mural queen that will live on as part of Bear Mountain Lodges on site water tank mural. This is where you also have the chance to create your very own art piece - a tile souvenir to take home. A picnic lunch at the lodge will be followed by a leisurely trip to view the Mimbreno pottery collection and make a stop at Syzygy Tileworks, the largest handmade tile company in the United States. On your way back to the lodge take a tour through Silver City’s mural scene, they have a total of 70 of them throughout the town. Meet your kids back at the lodge for a house prepared New Mexican dinner accompanied by a tasting of the local beer brewed right on the BML property! Dinner will be followed by a relaxed movie night featuring a classic filmed in New Mexico.


Day 4

Fresh coffee and breakfast at the lodge will prepare you for an action packed day exploring the Gila Cliff dwellings, about a 45 minute drive away. A homemade picnic lunch will be the perfect way to relax and replenish as you take in the beauty of the untouched Gila Wilderness around you. Your day of exploration will wind down at the Buckhorn Saloon on the way back for a delightful dinner and visual treat at one of the areas most notable historic venues. After a long day, relax at the lodge with an aromatherapy infused cocktail by the fireplace.


Day 5

Your second to last breakfast at the lodge will be unforgettable, complete with local specialties served on the patio by your hosts. After breakfast, head out to check “hiking the Continental Divide” off your bucket list from an on property trail that leads your right to it. If you choose not to hike you can spend the day exploring, shopping downtown Silver City or simply relaxing as you take it all in from your balcony. you will meet back at the lodge to get ready for a festive New Mexican dinner followed by a lively outdoor game tournament.

Day 6

This is the day you will soak your well hiked muscles at the local hot springs after a visit to the City Of Rocks, a geological natural wonder of building like rocks. Your kids will run off their energy in some lively outdoor games with their counselors while you enjoy a snack of charcuterie and chilled wine and wander through the majestic rock formations at your own pace. After a good soak in a privately reserved pool, the evening will conclude with a fancy dinner al fresco for the parents, and another delicious in-house meal for the kids. You will all end the night together with some gourmet smore’s and a champagne toast around the campfire (or in the lodge - fire conditions dependent).


Day 7

Breakfast and goodbyes!

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