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Are you tired of spending hours sifting through hotel reviews and blogs written by people that may or may not have the same travel style as your family, only to end up feeling anxiety about your choices? 

If you’re the one that plans the family trips, that’s a lot on your shoulders. 

Listen, you deserve a vacation too. 

One without stress, one that doesn’t take you hours to plan, and one that you can feel good about going on, knowing that if there are surprises, they will be the right kind. 

That's exactly why we created our Dynamic Trip Designs! Now with a couple of button clicks you can have a current, authentic, every-detail-planned-for-you trip that still feels spontaneous.
When it comes to vacation, your only priority should be making memories with your loved ones!


Get our 3 state bundle which includes Arizona, Colorado & New Mexico for only $77 (A $587 value) 

now only $77!

Limited availability, offer ends October 8th, 2021



A sneak peek at what you'll get...



Our innovative trip plan format gives you immediate access to a concise and detailed trip plan that takes the guesswork out for you.


Hosted on a dynamic web page that you have lifetime access to, you will get the most current, accurate information about your destination no matter when you go.


We have done the scouting for you, and only include a selective and  limited (so it’s not overwhelming)  variety of stays, activities, dining recommendations and routes to quickly plan your perfect family trip.


No strict itineraries or schedules to follow--with our Dynamic Trip Plans you will be able to find exactly what you need and adapt our recommendations to your family's needs and travel style. 


Every recommendation we make is accommodating to both kids and parents alike… no more just enduring your vacation activities for the kids sake. 


Every trip comes with an Apple or Google map with every stop in your trip plan pre-saved for seamless navigation.


 Packing lists are included so you have a better idea of exactly what you’ll need for your trip..

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Hire a travel agent?
Well, you could, but that can be costly if it’s a good one, and it’s still a lot of communication on your part to let them know how you like to travel, what your budget is, what kinds of activities your family enjoys, etc.
Then there’s the part where most travel agents make their money in commissions from properties and tours they sell to you, so they’re likely to be biased in their recommendations.
Or….. you could sift through reviews and blogs for hours on end, as we mentioned earlier… 
But you know what’s the absolute worst? 
When you read a blog written by someone that has the complete opposite travel style, needs, and desires than you, and you follow their advice. (True story — this one has happened to me) 
There is nothing more disappointing.



So how do you effortlessly plan a vacation that will “nail it” every time, without the hours of reading reviews and blogs by someone you may not even resonate with?


Without hiring a travel agent that may put you in a less than satisfying situation because it gets them a better commission? (DISCLAIMER: there are some very intuitive, thoughtful travel advisors/agents as well, it’s just that it can take as much research to find them in the first place)

You find a traveler who likes to travel the same way you do;


I.e., a little bit of luxury but we like a local experience, we have kids, we’re active, but not too active… etc.


Now that we have a toddler, we like to chill by the pool with drinks more, and we like to make sure our hotel always has room service.


We love to make the most of our trips. We don’t spend much time in our hotel because we’re always out doing something active.


When you’ve found your traveler match, you get your advice from them.


You go there.


You love everything about your trip; you go home rested, with good memories rather than the exhaustion that comes with a trip gone wrong… or even mediocre. 


And with our Dynamic Trip Designs, you do this for a fraction of the cost of a trip advisor and the same if not more authenticity and personalization. 

Here's how;

now only $77!



Get our 3 state bundle which includes Arizona, Colorado & New Mexico for only $77 (A $587 value) + a bonus trip of your choice within one year of your purchase as we continue to add to our selection.


The best part?

Once you purchase one of our trip designs, you have lifetime access to its dynamic content. 

Meaning - as real-life travelers, we are always finding new places and things… different things for different seasons, and even taking the Covid pulse of our destination since that’s a thing we all have to reckon with now.


When you own access to one of our trip designs, you get all of those updates for life when you purchase during our launch.


So if you’ve been procrastinating on planning that much-needed family getaway, why don’t you start with us.

Let's be real tho...

Traveling with kids is a different game.

It comes with a unique set of challenges, especially if you want to make your trip as enjoyable for you as it is for the kids.

There’s the planning…
The extra packing…
The safety considerations…
The slower pace….
The decisions…
All the hunger and shorter fuses..
The dirty looks you can get when your kids are being less than angels…..



If any of this resonates with you, we made our Dynamic Trip Designs just for your family.
🌍  Lifetime access to the most current version of that destination plan.

🌏  A curated selection (of just enough but not too many) options for stays, routes, dining, activities and more for your entire trip.

🌎   Assurance that all of our recommendations have been vetted in person for accommodation of children, safety and ease as well as parental enjoyment.

🌍   Multiple routes and itineraries to choose from along with our recommendations for getting the best experience possible no matter which one you choose.

🌏   Packing lists to make that dreaded part more seamless.

🌎   Exclusive experiences and contact numbers of our on-location collaborators.

With each Dynamic Trip Design you’ll get:

Incredible trips that always support the local community and environment of your destination… why

wouldn’t you?


Our innovative trip plan format gives you immediate access to a concise and detailed trip plan that takes the guesswork out for you.


Image 3024.0x4032.0 (2).jpg

Hi, we are Sarah, Jake, and Cataleya


We used to be solo travelers of the more spontaneous kind… we would stay in cheap hotels, in a tent, or on a friend's couch. Sometimes we would put in with friends to afford a little more luxury, but most of the time, it was more about getting out and engaging, doing, seeing. We were there for the adventure and intrigue of being in a new place without much of a plan.


Fast forward to after we had our first child. We knew from the start that it was imperative to us to take her traveling from the time she was young, but we didn’t know all of the changes that come with traveling with kids. 


But we found out very quickly.


We took her to Italy when she was nine months old with about 5 of her cousins, and we learned a lot. She is now three, and we’ve been traveling with her all her life.


We’ve learned that now that where we stay is super crucial in how good of a time we will have, so we pick unique little hotels that feel like a luxurious home away from home. 


We know that we don’t love being in crowds anymore because there are extra things to worry about in crowds, and with a toddler, you’re worried enough. So we choose less crowded activities and more intimate spaces. 


We love being able to connect with other families because and it’s nice to have interaction with people that are experiencing different parts of the world than us. People with different cultures and traditions, and views. We want our daughter to grow up familiar with those different from her, and we want her to celebrate that. 


We enjoy a little more luxury now, but we aren’t a fan of the kind of travel that negatively impacts others. Our kind of luxury is more low-key and considerate of those serving us.


We like craft beer and wine and amazing food, but we will also eat at the local favorite fast food joint to try it out.


We still love all the things, but we do less now and enjoy more time by the pool at our villa or hanging at the local park just enjoying the small adventures. We still do the cool stuff, too; we just don’t pack as much into a day anymore.



What is the difference between buying one of your Dynamic Trip Designs and hiring a travel agent/advisor?

Travel agents and advisors have historically been paid mostly through commissions from the properties and tour companies they work with. Because of this, most travel agents make biased recommendations based on whoever pays them the highest commission. We don’t fault them for this, because that is how travel agencies have been set up for a very long time.. but as you may have guessed, it’s not usually the locally owned properties, tour guides, etc that can afford to pay the highest commission.


What we do instead is take our trips on our own dime so that we have no expectations on us to promote a property or experience that doesn’t resonate with us. We visit and experience everything in person, and then pass our favorite experiences on to you. We also charge a much smaller fee than a travel agent that would design you an immersive, quality trip like we do. We are able to do this with the digital nature of our trip designs.

The other way we our Dynamic Designer Trips are different than hiring a travel agent is that we don’t do the booking for you. We have realized that the booking is actually the easy part, it’s the research and decision making that is overwhelming. If you want further help in booking your trip, we do have travel agents that we recommend.


Why wouldn’t I just find all of your recommendations on Google for free?

What we have put together for you in our Dynamic Designer Trips would take you hours, maybe weeks to discover and decide on. Even then, you still wouldn’t know all the details like pricing, route, packing recommendations, covid updates and more at a glance.


Because we go deeper to find the local gems, some of what we include in our Trip Designs wouldn’t even come up on the first few pages of Google.

We've found in our own experience that having all of the relevant information in one place is invaluable, which is why we package it this way for you.


How do I know if your Trip Plans fit the way my family likes to travel?

We will tell you right now!


Our Dynamic Designer Trips are perfect for you if:

  •  You like to have a more local, meaningful experience when you travel.

  • You want your vacation to be just as enjoyable for the parents as it is for the kids… you avoid revolving your trip around overpriced, overrated kids activities.

  • You take your kids with you because you want them to experience other cultures, adventures and get them off their screens and out into nature.

  • You don’t want to feel like you need a vacation after your vacation.


My kids aren’t vaccinated, can we still take your trips safely?

Yes. We have personally and recently been to these places with our 3-year old daughter (under the vaccine approved age limit), and with each trip design we include a COVID Update to give you accurate information on what to expect.


Also, since COVID we don’t generally include recommendations of places that have large crowds or long lines. Our focus is on finding places where we can still feel somewhat like normal travelers. We have found that it’s much easier to feel comfortable and allow for the comfort of others in less-crowded places, and you can have just as enjoyable of a time if not more so!


I follow X blogger and get my travel inspo from her and she never leads me wrong. Why would I buy your trip plans when I can plan my own trip using her recommendations?

If you don’t mind planning your own trip, and X blogger gets it right for you every time, stick with her! But if you still find yourself wishing someone would make it even easier for you like giving you every recommendation and link you need to quickly book a quality (not generic) trip all in one place - our Dynamic Trip Designs are perfect for you.


What if I like staying in the big chain hotels so I can get points for my stays?

If you prefer the chain hotels our trips are probably not for you. However, if you only stay in them for the points but would rather support locally owned, boutique properties we suggest you check out It’s a platform where you can earn points and stays by staying at independently owned properties.


Why do you only have three destinations, and will you have more in the future?

We only have three at this time because this is our Dynamic Designer Trip debut, and these are the three states that we have personally been too in the last few months.


We will be adding trips regularly as we go, as well as increased filtering and other concierge services. This is just the beginning!

Who Is This For?


If you just want planning an incredible family vacation to be easy for once.


If you want a vacation that will get your kids off screens and connect them to their surroundings


If you believe that life is NOW, and you're not willing to suffer through mediocre vacations just because you have kids.

If that's you, don't wait! This is truly a one-time offer!

Get our 3 state bundle which includes Arizona, Colorado & New Mexico for only $77 (A $587 value) + a bonus trip of your choice within one year of your purchase as we continue to add to our selection.

Limited availability, offer ends October 8th, 2021


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