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Our "Why"

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Too often we live our lives with only a vision of the future in mind, and little attention to living in the present moment. 

Our kids get older and we miss moments with them as we work hard to provide for their future. We forget that the whole reason for seeking financial freedom is so that we can spend more quality time with the ones we love.

We are here to remind you that you only really have 18 summers to make those memories with your kids while they're young and eager for more of your time.

We are also here to make that easier for you to do, time and time again. We have done the groundwork to figure out what factors take the stress out of your experience, so that all you and your family have to do is show up and enjoy.

We understand what it means to be working parents, so we can also help you get in that time to accomplish your most important tasks, and still experience more with the "reasons" you started doing it all in the first place.


Don't wait until your kids are older to live your bucket list life, take them with you.

To the present,

Sarah, Jacob and Cataleya

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